A&M Immobiliare has been authorized to practice as an official  estate agent  by the Chamber of Commerce Industria  Artigianato e Agricoltura di Cosenza membership card n. 34 issue on  17.01.1986 Fiscal Code 01959750785 - R.E.A. CS-219498 - S.C.I.A. 924Q2624The italian estate agent is identify by an identity card issued by the Chamber of Commerce Industria  Artigianato e Agricoltura, request it, who does not possess it can not engage in the intermediation.  
All properties presented to you on this web site, do not form  a  contract and this agency will not be held responsible for the following:    
1.Poor interpretation of the text and any other clause.
2.Confirmation that any property displayed is still available for sale  will be confirmed by telephone or e-mail
3. The surrounding area of the property may change over time, so any  photographs used on the website may not be an accurate representation of  the area around it. 4. All copies of planimetry, prospects etc.. are not in metric scale.     
5. We cannot be held responsible  for the presentation of the photographs, slides, or any other type of support, as for technical reasons, these could be presented in a distorted manner on the web page and therefore not accurately depict the property. Eventual images of other properties in the photographs have not been reproduced but have to be considered part of the neighbouring environment and consequently do not exercise the right to data protection as they are part of public visibility.  
6. The prices seen on the web site will be confirmed in  writing, by post,  e.mail,  fax, or telephone. All relative expenses for notary, taxes, land registry, agency commission are not included in the prices displayed.
7. Official documentation regarding any of the properties advertised does not have to be shown unless a stipulation to  purchase or a Sale Agreement has been made.
8.All the images, planimetry and wording have been authorized by the owners of each of the individual properties and are for the sole use of A&M Immobiliare.
9.Italian law will apply to any other areas of sale and purchase of property via this website where not covered above.